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Unexpected animal situations can be extremely dangerous, which is why you want a company that can handle any situation. Here at All City Animal Trapping & Removal, we are your wildlife experts ready to help you out any time of the day or night. If you are in need of animal control in West Valley City or any other surrounding area, the only call you need to make is to 877-724-5314. Speak with our friendly staff today about how we can take care of the situation you may be dealing with.

For over 20 years now, home and business owners have been putting their trust in our team of professionals to provide expert wildlife control services. As this can be a very tricky job, you don't want to waste any time or put yourself in a dangerous situation trying to trap the animal on your own. With one phone call, you will get connected with a staff that can handle gopher control, pigeon trapping, skunk removal, rat removal, snake trapping, canine trapping, gopher removal, mole trapping and a whole lot more.

On average, our team probably traps anywhere from 10-25 animals a day here in the West Valley City. Sometimes the job is as simple as a skunk running around, and other times it is as serious as a full rat infestation. The good news is that whatever wildlife situation you have on your hands, our company is ready to deal with it. Industry leading experience and equipment is what sets our team apart from the rest, and you'll see the quality workmanship right away. Upon your arrival, our company will provide a full inspection of your property to be sure we have property identified the location of the animal and what we are dealing with. As these little creatures can fit into small tight spaces like your crawl space, attic and even in your garage, we want to be sure we know exactly what we are dealing with.

When we talk about live animals and rodents, they can virtually fit anywhere. This can be a very tricky job to handle, which is why you can trust our experts. With our 20+ years of experience, we can get underneath your home, deep in your crawl space, up in your attic and anywhere else the animals may be. Our team handles just about any animal you have on your property, and we do so in a very professional, humane and timely manner. Unlike other companies that use very cheap and inhumane methods to trap their animals, our company treats every situation with the same amount of professional and care.

Should our staff need to set up exclusion barriers around your property, we will be able to do so for you. Our exclusion barriers are perhaps the gold standard in this industry and are designed to trap the most aggressive animals. Whether you have a problem with pigeons and need the traps in your attic, or you have coyotes that keep coming back and you need them on the ground, they are highly effective. Although the barriers have a unique, animal repellant scent that usually drives animals away, there is some situations where the animal will get into the trap. Once the opossum, coyote, skunk, pigeons or other animals are trapped, the exclusion barriers will seal up tightly until our team arrives. A very common mistake that we always warn our clients about, is to never try and poison the animals. When this happens, you create a big problem because the animals will crawl underneath your property or in your walls to die. As their bodies sit there and rot, bacteria will accumulate and can be spread throughout your property which will make you very sick. Should you want to set up an appointment for an inspection, we handle both residential and commercial inspections.

All City Animal Trapping & Removal doesn't just stop at removing the animals, we take care of you from start to finish. After we remove the animals from your home or business, we will take care of a full deodorization of the property to be sure that all filth and germs are removed from your home or business. If there are any repairs that need to be taken care of, our experts can handle that as well. If you have a competitor quote for wildlife trapping and removal in West Valley City, we encourage a phone call over to 877-724-5314 because we guarantee that we will beat it. Not only will we provide you with the lowest prices, but you will receive the highest quality workmanship and customer care. Don't put your health and safety in danger, trust our licensed and insured staff to take care of your wildlife situation today!

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We specialize in expert animal removal and wildlife animal control. We trap all urban wildlife in our humane animal traps. Pesky animals can cause a lot of damage and we have many animal prevention techniques that will stop those pests and animals from entering your home. Animals on wires? No problem! Our exclusion techniques will not only stop that animal from entering your property, but will also stop all the diseases & parasites those critters can carry. With our expert animal damage control specialists and our All City Animal Trapping animal specialists,  animal capture is not a problem. Animal control, animal rescue, animal removal, our animal removal specialists, animal removal technicians, and wildlife specialists will solve your animal problems. Control critters, critter removal, wildlife rescue, wildlife trapping, live animal or dead animal, pressure washing, wildlife management, we do it all!

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